5 Diet Tips on Surviving Thanksgiving

First and foremost, happy Thanksgiving! I wish everyone safe travels, and a blessed day with family. Also, remember to set your scales back 10lbs for STAY-light savings (yes, I know, I’m hilarious). Now, on to the tips!


Tip 1: Don’t think macros, think portions

If you are someone who tracks macros religiously, consider today a surrender. It’s just not going to happen, so don’t stress over it. Most of the food you will find on the table will homemade (or at least they say it is..lol), and therefore, full of their own preferred ingredients, in their own

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preferred amounts. This makes it IMPOSSIBLE to track. Even myfitnesspal has very little power. Lets be real, typing in “1 serving of homemade macaroni and cheese” is about as accurate as your guess at the weight of the turkey that was carved before you even showed up to grandmas house.

Instead, think portions. Use your common sense when scooping things on to your plate. This is as accurate as its going to get, and often times your best line of defense. I know this is MUCH easier said than done, so use this day as some practice at self control. After-all if you can even do DECENT at controlling yourself on Thanksgiving, the preceding holidays should be a breeze.

Tip 2: Workout

When most people think of calories, they think of only the bad. “Too many calories will make me fat!” or “That food has so many calories!”. Well I say, make a negative a positive. What else do calories do? Help you gain muscle! So use this day of unnecessary eating to fuel your gainz.You should lift large muscle groups that burn the most calories and require thebuff turkey.png most nutrients. I would recommend lower body or full-body routines. That way all your muscles can use your aunt’s famous sweet potato casserole as fuel.

IMPORTANT! Before you leave, make sure your gym isn’t already closed! Most close around 12-1pm, so if you’re reading this and plan to workout, stop immediately and go! The rest of the tips won’t help you until later anyway.

Tip 3: Eat Slow

Your brain takes 20-30 minutes to register that you are actually full. So, make sure that check gets cashed before you start spending your checking account lavishly. Simple steps:

  •   Talk more; eat less
  • Small spoon/fork amount per bite
  • Chew Slowly
  • Load your plate with less. You can’t demolish a ton of food in 5 minutes, if you only plated a little.

Tip 4: Drink only water, and lots of it.

Your stomach functions through the nervous system, using stretch as a trigger for feeling full. Therefore, fill some of that room with water. Those 2-3 three glasses of water may just be the difference between 2 and 3 plates of food. There is no such thing as calorie free food (like real food, not “food” lol), but there IS such thing as calorie free drinks: WATER! Lastly, staying adequately hydrated will help digestion.

Tip 5: Enjoy yourself

Gaining 5lbs today isn’t the end of the world, so try your best to not worry about it until tomorrow. I always do my best to focus on the future. Give yourself a 4 week challenge starting TOMORROW. That way you can lose the weight in preparation for your next challenge- CHRISTMAS DINNER.

This day will most likely be a pothole to even the strongest of dieters. So, don’t stress about it all day. Eat some good food and enjoy the valuable time with your family. If you are picking a shredded six pack over enjoying time with them, reevaluate your priorities. Remember, you will have muscles until your entire life, but spending time with your entire family isn’t guaranteed.


I hope these tips were helpful. Feel free to check out some of my other stuff on the site. As always, take a look at some of my services below. So enjoy your day, and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

-Kyle Blair

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