K. Blair Fitness is a company I launched my senior year of college. I was working as a trainer at my universities’s recreational center, and just felt I was being grossly under utilized. Although I enjoyed my job, I knew I wanted to do something bigger, reach more people, change more lives. That feeling continued to grow until I finally snapped and quit my job right on the spot, drove to the local coffee shop and drafted a business plan the very same night. Looking back, I never would have imagined I would create a something that would allow me to train hundreds of people, coach competitors to a professional level, and share my voice and knowledge to those all over the world. I am also blessed enough to say that this venture has created the financial resources and personal development to allow me to pursue my doctorate degree in physical therapy. An addition to my professional qualifications and the scope of my company.

If you are looking to change your life through fitness, I encourage you to explore this website. Read some articles, try some workouts, check out my clients, and even find out more about my past and qualifications. The resources are all here, and best of all they’re free! If by chance the content motivates you to take the next step, don’t hesitate to contact so and we can start your journey! Welcome to the official website of K.Blair fitness.

Kyle Blair, SPT, AFAA Certified Personal Trainer

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