Workout of The Week 2.15.16- Treasure Your Chest


Cardiovascular machine- 5min


Arm circles- 4 sets of 15 seconds each way, alternating between small and large circles. (yes, just like in gym class).

Internal rotation- using thera-bands or a cable handle attachment, do 3×15 reps of internal rotation (see I-1)


Light warm up sets- Before starting your working sets, make sure to do 2-3  very light sets to familiarize the movement and bring blood to the chest.

Additional warm-up options- Push-ups, Front raises, light triceps extension.


Neutral grip dumbbell press: 4×8;120-180s

Set-up: You will need a flat bench and a pair of dumbbells. You’re naturally weaker with your hands turned in, so make sure you go a tad lighter than a normal dumbbell press.

Execution: Execute the lift much like a DB bench press, except turn the dumbbells so that your palm’s are facing each other. Press the dumbbells upward until they are 1-2inches apart, and your elbows are just short of lockout. Then, descend in a slow and controlled


Neutral grip dumbbell press


manner- repeat.

Tips: It helps some people to imagine this lift as a chest fly with bent elbows. Also, make sure to emphasize the squeeze of your chest at the peak- this is what makes this lift special.

Incline dumbbell fly: 3×12; 120s rest.

Set-up: You will need an incline bench and a pair off dumbbells. If you only have an adjustable bench, set it on the lowest incline setting possible.

Execution: Start with the dumbbells at the tops of motion, not out at your sides (notice direction of arrows in picture). Begin by opening your arms in a controlled fashion until you reach a deep

incline chest fly

incline DB fly (notice arm bend)


stretch of your chest. Your arms should be slightly bent as if you were hugging a wide tree. Then, bring your arms back together until you reach a solid contraction- repeat.

Tips: It’s common for people to go too heavy with this exercise. If you notice the muscle action feel primarily coming the shoulders, or your arm’s excessively bending, the weight is probably too heavy.

Smith machine incline press: 3×12; super-set, no rest.

Set-up: You will need an adjustable bench. Set it fairly steep. Now, the hard part, adjust the bench so the bar will evenly lower to the top 3rd of your chest. It may take a couple re-adjustments. Your hand grip should be slightly narrower than a normal bench press, since it has been shown to recruit more muscle fibers for the upper chest.

Execution: Start by unlocking the bar and lowering it to your chest. Make sure you

incline smith press

Incline Smith Press (go steeper)


exaggerate the stretch in your pecs as you lower. Once the bar touches your chest, or gets 1-2 inches away ( for this less flexible), press it back up until just before lockout- repeat.

Tips: I mentioned that the bench should be steep. By this, I mean 1-2 clicks steeper than your average incline angle. I typically use this exercise as a go-to for my upper chest-shoulder tie-in.

Decline cable crossover: 3×12- 120s rest.

Set-up: You will need two cable pulleys. Set them at the highest adjustment. Grab each handle, and step forward with one leg. Your body should be slightly leaned forward.


Decline cable crossover


Execution: Pull your arms inward until your forearms cross, and you feel a strong pectoral contraction. Then, return to the starting position. When you perform the following rep, alternate which arm crosses above/below. Repeat this pattern throughout the entire set.

Tips: This is a pump/squeeze exercise, not the type to load up the weight. Focus on clean, strong, contractions with good form. Try your best to target the squeeze in your lower chest.

Push-up drill: 1×20-100 reps; 10s rests as needed.

Set-up: You will need a stop-watch and perfect push-up handles. You don’t NEED the handles, but I prefer them for wrist health.

Execution: This is a burnout drill. Pick a number between 20 and 100. If you’re good at push-ups, pick a higher number. If you aren’t good at push-ups, pick a lower

woman perfect pushup

Modified perfect push-up


number. The goal is to complete the total number of push-ups you have selected with the fewest breaks possible. You will only get 10 seconds with each break, so don’t get comfortable.

Perfect pushup

Tips: Write down the number of rests it takes to finish, and try to beat it each time. When you finally complete the entire set with no rests- raise the number. Try not to go to failure during your first bout, this will burn you out too soon. Instead, stop 1-2 reps short, and conserve some energy.


This concludes the chest workout. This workout will be great to pair with a push day (chest, triceps, shoulders), or simply paired with any one of the push muscles. I also pair chest with biceps from time-to-time.


Do 2-3 reps of each stretch for 10-20 seconds. Focus on breathing to allow a deeper stretch range of motion.

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God gave you another day, and another healthy workout.

Kyle Blair


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An Interview With Megan “Megmo” Morat

Megan is easily one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. Never in my life have I come across someone with such a lethal combination of optimism, energy, and raw bluntness. Her most noteworthy presence is on Instagram, where she inspires over 32,000 people daily. Megan isn’t your typical “fit chick” on Instagram, she is something far more genuine. In fact, despite her large quantity of comments, she will more than likely reply to each and every person. Megan and I have a past, and with that, I can say firsthand that she is the exact image she portrays.  So, if you are ever feeling less than worthy, or under the weather, just read one of her captions. The “word vomit”, as she calls it, will leave you with laughter, and a greater sense of self-love. Here is what she had to say about some important topics; enjoy.

1. The one and only, Megan “Megmo” Morat, thank you formegan 2taking the time to do this interview! Just to start things off lightly, could you give the readers some basic information about yourself?

I honestly don’t believe in telling people about me, I like them to develop their own thoughts about who I am by my words and actions that don’t directly describe who I am. Sounds like a complete cop out, but I’m really constantly redefining myself, discovering more about myself and living in the belief that I am here for a purpose. I’m a 26 year old who has a pretty obvious passion for fitness, wiener dogs, my friends and family, mental well-being and living my life with a purpose. I have a job working for Lululemon which has helped me tremendously in setting and crushing goals for myself; I also do freelance graphic design work on the side for quite a few clients and I genuinely enjoy the work I do for them. So really, I guess I could say that my jobs aren’t really jobs or work. Other than that I like to spend my time with the people I love, strengthening myself inside and out.

 2. You are really big into the fitness lifestyle. What is your current workout split? Favorite body part to lift? Favorite exercise?

     I don’t really have a set split. Coming from a hyper organized person myself, I find it odd that I really don’t megan.PNGgo off of a particular schedule. I do, however, try to split my leg days into two workouts per week – one focusing on quads and glutes and the other solely glutes and hamstrings. Otherwise I listen to my body as best as I can and decide from there what I’d like to work out that day. I typically take 2-3 rest days per week, sometimes more or less depending on my schedule and the way I feel. My favorite exercise is squats for sure! Hip thrusts and lat –pull downs in close second and third. I love the feeling of my muscles contracting, it’s euphoric and also one of those indescribable feelings that make you want to scream in a fit of joy, pain and pleasure. We all know those are typically good feelings…and that escalated quickly. Moving on!

 3. Supplements are very popular in the fitness industry, with thousands of different products and companies, which brands and types of supplements do you currently take? Why?

I just use my Slap Nutrition products. I’m into simplicity and I don’t believe any supplement is “magical” by any means. You have to put in work to see results, no supplement replaces that. There’s so much bull shit regarding supplements and shenanigans these days, it’s actually entertaining. But hey, if you think it works for you then by all means, invest in it. I truly believe that investing in good food and a gym membership is more beneficial, though. I also always forget to take pills unless they’re dangling in front of my face, so there’s that.

     I enjoy Slap because their ingredients are clean and they don’t upset my digestive system nor does the pre-workout make me feel like I’m going to go postal when I hit the gym. Shameless plug: use my code MEGMO on anything from if you want a discount. I highly recommend the Pumpkin Spice Preworkout and Peanut Butter Whey! The Salted Caramel BCAA’s are also new and delicious, so I can throw those in the loop too.

4. You currently have a really busy life. From working full time at Lululemon, to freelance graphic design work. Yet, you make time to regularly workout, eat well, and even compete in bikini competitions. What would you tell people who constantly claim “I don’t have enough time to do that stuff” or “I would if I had time!”.

Make your passions a priority. If your passions don’t involve those things, you naturally aren’t motivated or incline to make time for them. If you genuinely want to live a healthy lifestyle (whatever that means for you), find something that you’re going to enjoy and look forward to doing. Make it a habit, not a chore. But also remember that you don’t have to feel guilt or shame if you don’t enjoy working out, just keep in mind you can be perfectly healthy without the gym. Play with your kids, dance, go on a walk, clean the house or go shopping. I think what some people don’t realize is that you don’t have to go balls to the walls, compete, etc. to be considered healthy.


5. Social media has created a medium of worldly interaction, while this has its advantages, it has also a created number of problems. As someone who has a big influence in social media, 31,000 followers big, what advice could you give to others in terms of self-esteem, self-dignity, and creating a true self-image?

Stop trying to fit into a mold. You are constantly experiencing life; thus you are learning growing, changing and you’re never going to fit into this mold. You are completely up to you. It’s ok to redefine yourself at every moment, just be honest and open minded as you expect others to be for you. Things do not happen to you, they happen from what you create. Suffering from the destruction of your own dignity and self-esteem is optional, your happiness is a choice and a decision you need to make every single day. Remember that. Also, pop dat booty.

6. It’s no secret that today’s society has put a lot of pressure for females to be perfect. This can cause self-image problems that can lead to eating disorders and a slew of other psychological issues. As someone who has experienced similar issues, and recovered, what advice could you give someone with similar struggles?

Show up to your life everyday and realize that you have to fight. We all have demons; we have a choice and a personal responsibility on how we deal with these demons. For me, being completely open and honest about my struggles and triumphs has been a huge help for me because it makes me realize that I’m not fighting alone, I am only a human and it’s ok to have shit moments, shit days, but it’s not ok to wallow in them. Reframe, refocus and fuck shit up because life is awesome and it’s fun when you live it.

7. Last question, I promise. Your future is very promising. Are there any big accomplishment’s you have made lately? Anything big coming up for you?

 I have plans to travel to NYC and Chicago soon, for some freelance design work. I am also going to be putting a greater focus on developing my website. Oh, and I have a hot guy cooking me dinner on Valentine’s Day.

megan pic




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