The Official K.Blair Fitness Diet Approach Part 2: Proper Measuring


Every good diet adresses  portion sizes. The easiest way to determine the best portion, is to go by servings. Serving sizes can be found  at the top of all nutrtition labels. Some foods won’t have labels, and it’s 2016.. So, google them! Once you know the serving, it is time to measure it out correctly. Depending on the seriousness and/or the design of the diet, there are 3 possible methods to measuring portions. These methods are: the food scale, measuring cups and spoons, and visual comparison. Although, your diet may gear towards a particular style, a well balanced dieter will understand how to do all of them. Trust me, there will be a time where one will work, and the others will not- that’s life.  I would recommend using for tracking and recording, however, a pad and pen will work.

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