Workout Of The Week: October 26th 2015- Impress With Your Chest


Cardiovascular machine- 5min


Arm circles- 4 sets of 15 seconds each way, alternating between small and large circles. (yes, just like in gym class).

Internal rotation- using thera-bands or a cable handle attachment, do 3×15 reps of internal rotation (see I-1)


Light warm up sets- Before starting your working sets, make sure to do 2-3  very light sets to familiarize the movement and bring blood to the muscle.

Additional warm-up options- Push-ups, Front raises, light triceps extension.


Flat bench dumbbell Press: 4×10; 120-180s rest.

SET-UP: This is a pretty simple set up. Find a flat bench, I prefer a non-adjustable so there is no crease. This exercise requires slight coordination, so go lighter for a technique check if you are unfamiliar.

DB flat press

EXECUTION: Start with the rock back method (link at bottom of page). To do this method, sit on the end of the bench with both dumbbells vertically resting on your knees. Next, rock your body back into a lying position while simultaneously hoisting the dumbbells  into starting position. Execute the press much like a bench press except moving the dumbbells closer together towards the top of the movement. Stop the upward motion just before your arms reach the point of lockout, then return back to the starting position in a slower controlled manner.

TIPS: Explode up into a solid chest contraction while exhaling. I like to mentally focus on a good muscular stretch as I fill the lungs/chest with air during the eccentric motion. Have elbows slightly angled closer to your body in order to put more stress on your chest and less on your shoulders.

Incline plate load chest press: 3×10; super-set with next exercise

SET-UP: You will need a plate loadable chest press (or machine if you must). Adjust seat so that the handles are level with nipple line. Hands should be slightly closer than shoulder width (narrower grips recruit more fiber activation in incline chest movements).

EXECUTION: Press until just before lockout. Return to starting position much like the previous exercise. Exhale on press; inhale on eccentric motion.

Plate load incline press

TIPS: Make sure not to allow body to shift from a vertical alignment. Since the lower chest is usually stronger, some tend to unknowingly slide their butt forward or arch lower back for more of a decline position. Remember, your upper chest is the target- not your lower.

Incline bench cable fly: 3×10- 90-120s rest.


SET-UP: Bring an adjustable bench to your gym’s cable pulley system (I-2). Center the bench directly between the pulleys and a foot or two forward (may take a few attempts for a quality line-up). Adjust the bench to a slight incline- 30 degrees or so. Set the weights low, as it doesn’t require much. Preferably have someone else give you the handles. If alone, grab each handle one at a time BEFORE sitting on bench.

EXECUTION: The first rep should be a press, not a fly (I’m not a huge fan of starting a fly at the bottom of the movement, due to injury risk). Start movement by opening arms in a controlled motion. Descend until hands

incline bench cable fly
       Incline bench cable fly

are just above or straight out from shoulders, depending on your flexibility. The concentric motion should mimic a motion as if you were hugging a large tree.

TIPS: The hand position at the top of the motion should be above the eyes, not the chest. This is important! It technically won’t even be an incline movement if not done this way. Do not go too heavy. Elbows excessively bending usually indicates this.

Decline plate load chest press: 3×12; super-set with next exercise

SET-UP: Adjust seat so that handles are level with your nipple line or slightly lower. Hands should be shoulder width or slightly wider (opposite of incline version).

EXECUTION: This is done much like the incline plate load exercise. Explode through the press with an exhale and inhale on a controlled, chest stretching eccentric motion.

Plate load decline press
      Plate load decline press

TIPS: Try to target the squeeze into your lower chest. This is done by adjusting your elbows higher or lower out from the side of your body (trial-and-error).

Neutral grip perfect push-up: 2 sets stopping 1-2reps  short of failure. Final set to failure. 120s rest between super-set.


SET-UP: You will need perfect push-up handles for this exercise (I-3). Assume the push-up position. Neutral hands meaning fingers facing the mid-line of the body.

EXECUTION: While keeping the body linear (hips straight), lower the body until the chest is about a softball distance away from the ground. Press the body upward while mentally keeping the chest as the focused mover

Neutral grip perfect push-up
Neutral grip perfect push-up

(not triceps). Keep core tight and head neutral. Inhale down, exhale up.

TIPS: People have the tendency to keep arms tight to body, avoid this. Instead, keep elbows as wide as other presses. Difficulty can be lowered by modification

Knee modification
Knee modification

to knees, however, make sure to keep hips linear (aka. avoid looking like you are doing a yoga pose).

This concludes the chest exercises. Recommended muscle groups to pair with: Triceps or shoulders.


Do 2-3 reps of each stretch for 10-20 seconds. Focus on breathing to allow a deeper stretch range of motion.

chest stretch 3 chest stretch 2 triceps stretch



God gave you another day, and another healthy workout.

DB flat press rock-back example (start at 00:53s):

Kyle Blair


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Workout of The Week: October 12th

This is the first of a series of weekly workouts I will be posting. Feel free to give them a go. I have cues in italics under the exercise. I will have detailed explanations of set-up, execution, and cues for more complicated movements. If still unsure, Google it.



  1. Stationary Bike- 5min.
  2. Body weight Lunges: 2×10
  3. Body weight Squats: 2×10
  4. Hip abductors: 2×10
  5. Perform 1-2 warm up sets of each exercise at a low weight for familiarization.


Squat: 4×10

  • Set-up- Feet shoulder width or slightly wider. Toes pointed roughly 30 degrees outward. Bar placed on traps. Hands should be on bar for support. Head in a neutral position.
  • Movement- Inhale and brace core before moving. Movement should begin in hips with knees following. Move body as if you are sitting in a chair behind you. Drop until your knees are at least a right angle and thighs are parallel to the ground. Make sure your chest is up, and your knees are over your ankles and not your toes. Drive from heels while forcing knees outward during the upward motion. Hip thrust for strong lockout. DO NOT LOCKOUT KNEES COMPLETELY.
  • Ques- Hip thrusting is crucial for maximal strength on upward motion. Try to avoid butt winking (posterior pelvic tilt) when deep in the rep. Work on technique before trying very heavy weight. Ask for spot on heavier sets.

Smith machine front squat: 3×12

  • Same cues as squat, except bar should be on front of shoulders with arms crossed or clean grip (use google for help).
  • I like doing these on the smith machine because it removes the core from being the limiting factor. Quads should be mentally isolated when driving out of the bottom of the rep.

Barbell Walking Lunge: 3×10 each leg

super-set w/

Barbell hip thrust: 3×15

  • Set-up- Use an exercise bench for this exercise. Place body perpendicular to bench so that your shoulder blades are the only body part supported by the bench. Do a practice thrust. Make sure your calves are perpendicular to the floor so that your knees are directly above your ankles. Feet should be shoulder width apart. Use a pad to support the weight of the bar against your hips.
  • Movement- Drive hips with bar on waist. Lower back should remain straight, movement should be isolated to your hips alone. Eccentric should be slow and controlled, with a more explosive speed for the thrust. DO NOT hyper thrust, a linear lockout will suffice.
  • Ques- inhale on dissent; exhale on thrust. Squeeze and hold for 1-2 seconds at peak of rep. If done correctly, hamstrings should feel slight engagement as well.

Leg Extension Burnout: Do all below in one continuous set. Avoid if you have knee problems.

  • 10 reps at top 15 degrees of motion- very heavy
  • 6 reps at roughly 10% less weight
  • 6 reps at roughly 20% less weight
  • 3 reps done very slowly- 5s eccentric and concentric; squeeze hard.


Swiss ball hamstring curls: 3×15

  • Set-up- Use an exercise ball for this exercise. Place body on floor so that your upper back is on the ground and your calves rest on top of the ball. Place arms out your sides to ensure you don’t roll left or right.
  • Movement- Drive hips off ground until body makes a straight line from your shoulder blades on the floor to your ankles on the ball. Arms should remain straight out from body. Curl feet towards your butt in a controlled fashion, while keeping your hips as straight as possible. This may take practice.
  • Ques- inhale on dissent; exhale on curl. Squeeze and hold for 1-2 seconds at peak of rep. If done correctly, hamstrings should feel very tight close to your butt.

Lying leg curl 21’s: 2×21

  • 7 reps from starting position to 1/2 way
  • 7 reps from 1/2 way to full contraction
  • 7 reps full range of motion


  • Do 1-2 stretch variations for each major body part
  • 3-5 repetitions per stretch
  • 10-20s second hold each


Use a dense foam roller/ softball to loosen and release tension that may have resulted from the copious volume above.


Pray to God you survived, and ask him to help you walk for the next couple of days.

Kyle Blair


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