The Silver Lining: The Situation That Changed Who I am.

As most of you know, I discontinued my competition prep this past fall. The reasons being stress, and an  injury  I needed to heal. These were both legitimate reasons, however, the latter has caused me, and is still causing me more trouble than anything I have ever experienced. However, despite how horrible my situation may have been/ still is, it has transformed me for the better.

I have had problems with a hip injury since its onset during a workout session in early January of 2013. It came in a series of sporadic periods. During its first arise, it healed fairly quickly with the aid of a local chiropractor, rest, and a ton of stretching. However, the second occurrence didn’t go so smoothly. It was only after 6 weeks of physical therapy, and very low intensity weight training that the symptoms subsided. I was relieved that I had rid myself of the injury once again, however, I still did not know what type of injury was actually causing the pain. If you believe you have a serious injury, do not simply rest it. Get it checked out, and thoroughly at that. That doesn’t mean see a doctor who twists your arms and legs around while asking what’s wrong, and then sending you on your way. When I say to find out what’s wrong, I mean MRI testing, x-rays, and/or whatever it takes to get a solid diagnosis from a qualified practitioner. In fact, I would strongly suggest getting multiple opinions. I waited far too long to do this, and now I am paying for it big time.

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The Metabolic Savings Account: Why Losing Weight Gets Harder Every Time


Losing fat is undoubtedly one of the most difficult tasks an individual will endure in their life. It takes discipline, sacrifice, focus, and most importantly time and patience. After a person loses weight, one of two things will happen. The person will either keep the weight off, which rarely happens, or the person will rebound and gain it all back (most times even more than before the diet). Then, weeks or months later, the individual decides to make that weight loss journey again. However, they come to find it isn’t quite as easy this time around. They use the same diet/training methods, and work twice as hard. Eventually, the weight comes off. Then, here comes Thanksgiving, and then Christmas. What do you know? They gained all the

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